Day 43: 13,000 Feet

*this post is out of chronological order, I accidentally skipped it when I was uploading all my posts in town

Today has been long and tiring. We started the day with a creek crossing. The creek was raging, so we crossed farther upstream, where it was branched off into several smaller crossings. After some climbing we ran into more significant snow. We tried out our microspikes, and took some time to practice self arresting with our ice axes. In the afternoon we hit the junction with the John Muir Trail, and headed out on the side trip to Mount Whitney. While nice at first, eventually we were traversing a massive snowfield of slushy afternoon snow. The going was slow and tiring. The sites we planned to camp at were buried in snow, but some descending hikers told us of some nicer camp sites farther up the trail. It was long and tiring and scary once or twice, but we made it to camp at 13,400 feet in time to enjoy dinner and watch the sun set. We are 1.9 miles from the summit of Mount Whitney. We’ll finish the hike tomorrow. We went about 12.5 miles all day today, and we are exhausted!


5 thoughts on “Day 43: 13,000 Feet

  1. Alicia says:

    Hello! We are from southern ca and do a bit of backpacking in the sierra, your adventure look amazing and what a privilege to have the opportunity to hike this trail! We have backpacked recently north of where you are in the eastern sierra but have been limited to certain locations because of stream crossings. It seems you have found a way to make it work, what is your advice to cross the high streams? Have fun and thanks!

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    1. hikinghammonds says:

      The high streams are quite dangerous. Thus far we’ve been able to hike up or downstream and find safe passage, and we travel in groups to help one another out. We are also bringing extra food in case we have to turn back or take a large detour. Still not sure if we will make it through this year, as more snow is melting every day, so for now we are just taking it one day at a time.


  2. Marc McGowan says:

    Megan your post is not in chronic order. Day 43 then 45 then 44. Confused me till I noticed. Thanks for the Father’s Day call. You succeeded in making Mt Whitney where I failed! Be safe


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